About renderman.ch

The purpose of this domain is to use it for IT and lab purposes.
Sometimes could be pointing to an Azure service, sometimes to any free web ressource or sometimes staying quiet here.

The Team


David Bautista

President of the independent republic of my house

IT Professional (supposed to) who like to experiment with all this new stuff that are coming out.
Live in Lausanne.


A laptop

Project manager

A laptop, the real worker. Because pc desktops are from the past, any person that use a computer should have a laptop, if possible with numeric keyboard. No matter the brand if it's from professional line.


A Swiss Knife

CyberTool L

Even if is not usual, sometimes you need to rack something, open a computer or uncork a bottle. Wear a Vitorinox CyberTool L is a must!

Million fly passengers in Switzerland
million of tourists visited Portugal last year
Lines of code on this .html file